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Graduate Employment Preparedness Assessment (GEPA) + Additional Retake

Use GEPA℠ to help you get a better job faster in your field of interest, and to negotiate a better compensation package.
First, measure what you do and don't know about the current and emerging best practices of conducting a successful career and job search, in these five critical search areas:

  • Career Research – how to identify the right career options for your skills, experience and interests.
  • Career Search Preparation – the materials (such as a social profile and references) you'll need to conduct and manage a job search.
  • Interview Preparation – plan for all types of interviews, interview questions, and interview venues.
  • Effective Interviewing – where many jobs are won by opening and owning the interview.
  • Interview Follow-up – the strategies and tactics to follow-up every interview and land the job you want.

Measure ► Learn ► Master

Your Graduate Employment Preparedness Assessment℠ includes these five resources:

  • Secure Online Access – to complete the GEPA℠ Assessment in about 40 minutes.
  • Your GEPA℠ Score Report – providing your graphical and numeric results instantly.
  • Your GEPA℠ Personal Feedback Report – with a high level explanation of how you did in each measurement area, plus direction on closing your knowledge gaps. View sample Score and Personal reports
  • Your GEPA℠ Development Guide – the most complete practical textbook on conducting an effective career search, with more than 1,840 best practices, examples, templates, strategies, and checklists to drive every aspect of your career search. - download and save it to your hard drive.
  • Online Access for One Year – use your Measured Success� login credentials to access your account and download your resources.

Read more about the GEPA℠ Assessment in the following brochure.

Please note:

The GEPA℠ assessment is taken online and takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. Upon completion of your purchase and registration you will receive an email confirmation message on how to access your account, including the assessment, your personalized report and GEPA℠ Development Guide. Any discount coupons will be applied at checkout.

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