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Mechatronics: Industrial Electricity 2
Mechatronics: Industrial Electricity 2

The Industrial Electricity 2 certificate builds upon the Industrial Electricity 1 certificate. Candidates should understand more complex motor starting circuits such as jogging, hand-off-automatic, reversing, and reduced voltage starting. They should be familiar with time-based, count-based and sequential control of multiple output loads utilizing control relay logic and automatic input devices such as limit, flow and pressure switches to provide feedback. They should understand basic electro-fluid power circuits where relay logic is used to operate devices such as pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders through electrically piloted directional control valves. Basic understanding of the various types of electronic sensors, timers and counters used in industrial control is required. Candidates should be familiar with the sizing and installation of various types of electrical conductors and raceways used in or around industrial machinery and should be able to properly wire an industrial control panel. Finally, candidates should understand basic troubleshooting techniques and practices, not only for the individual components but also for systems of components.

This advanced knowledge of industrial electricity and control systems is needed to understand the complex operations of machines and systems that might be used for an electro-mechanical packaging line.

Who should take this test?

This certificate is aimed at skilled electrical technicians working relatively independently in the assembly, test, startup, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair or upgrade of electro-mechanical machines or systems. It should be a prerequisite for technicians wishing to move on to industrial machines controlled by PLC’s or to industrial machines utilizing velocity, acceleration or other motion control techniques.

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