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iSEEK™ Medical Mobile 1 Year Subscription
iSEEK™ Medical Mobile 1 Year Subscription

Use iSEEK Medical Mobile to find answers to your medical questions quickly.

iSEEK™ Medical Mobile, designed specifically for smart phones, allows you to access the latest medical information right from your handheld device. iSEEK Medical Mobile turns the burdensome task of finding high quality, evidence-based, and clinically relevant resources into an exciting and unique experience – when you need fast, reliable information most.


Gathered from peer-reviewed sources, government organizations, and other AACME approved content providers, iSEEK™ Medical Resources are selected for quality and continually reviewed by leading physicians. iSEEK™ Medical Mobile also searches these selective resources more deeply than traditional engines to produce the most specific and relevant results.

The natural language intelligence in iSEEK allows the search engine to understand the meaning embedded in the questions you ask. While other search engines merely return any documents that match keywords, iSEEK™ Medical Mobile uses advanced linguistic, conceptual, and Artificial Intelligence technologies to target the most relevant, useful, and meaningful results every time.

Plus, with dynamic iViews™, or “intelligent views”, you can instantly see the range of topics and medical subjects in the results. Analyzing every search and set of results for significant themes, the iViews™ replicate the first step of research and help to quickly identify relevant connections and information in the results. Just click on an iView™ of interest, and let the iViews™ help you drill deeper to define your set of relevant results, yielding faster, more effective searches on-the-go.
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