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MY Access!® Picture Prompt Pack
MY Access!® Picture Prompt Pack
Spark your students’ creativity and get them excited about writing with MY Access!® Picture Prompt Pack.

Using a picture for inspiration, your students will learn to think critically and creatively while they use their writing skills to express their imaginations. The picture prompts will get your children thinking – and writing - about the themes and emotions they discover in each picture.

Your Picture Prompt Pack includes:

  • An instructional course to guide your students through the process of interpreting the “language” of a picture and creating a narrative essay from it.
  • 15 picture prompts at three different grade levels to inspire your students’ thought process.
  • Immediate feedback and individualized learning plans to help your students polish their strengths and bolster their weaknesses.
  • An opportunity for your students to explore their creativity and experience how much fun writing can be.

Users must also purchase or already own MY Access!® Home, College, or Professional Edition to use this add-on package.


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