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Classroom Management to Promote Student Learning (K-12)

Classroom Management to Promote Student Learning (K-12)

EDUC 6930


  1. Today’s students come with a range of learning needs, as well as social and emotional needs. As
    a result, there is no single formula for effective classroom management. This course explores several approaches to creating a supportive and respectful learning environment for all learners. Build a repertoire of research-based strategies that work best for you, and reclaim class time once lost to handling classroom disruptions. Discover how you can increase parental support as well.



    Learn how to:

    • Design rules and procedures to increase students’ sense of responsibility.

    • Use preventive, rather than reactive, management strategies.

    • Create a plan for teaching a conflict- resolution process.

      Featured presenters include Carolyn Evertson, Ph.D., Marilyn Gootman, Ed.D., and David Johnson, Ed.D.


      *Credit is not available for this course if you have taken Managing Behavior in the Diverse Classroom. 

Materials provided include:
  • Study guide
  • Classroom Management to Promote Student Learning DVD
  • Course text: Gootman, M. (2001). The caring teacher’s guide to discipline (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.
  • Articles and journal readings to be included in study guide


Many students today lack the skills for resolving everyday conflicts in a positive manner. As a result, your classroom can erupt in teasing, arguing, and bullying. With this course, you



can learn how to create a positive learning environment where students get along, leaving you free to teach. Acquire a variety of proven strategies that you can integrate into your existing lessons and activities, and create a classroom that fosters teamwork and positive social behavior.

Learn how to:

  • Increase students’ ability to resolve arguments on their own.

  • Identify the difference between bullying and normal conflict between students.

  • Help students understand, respect, and accept differences in others.


    Featured presenters include Lee Canter, M.S.W., Katia Petersen, Ph.D., and Phyllis Steinberg, M.S.W. 

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