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Measured Success: Work Skills Math
Measured Success: Work Skills Math Measured Success: Work Skills Math

Work Skills Math contains assessments in:
  • Computation and Estimation
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Problem Solving and Mathematical Reasoning
  • Understanding Data and Statistics
With four tests covering the essential math skills you need, Work Skills Math will help you ensure that your problem-solving and mathematical abilities are in line with those used in professional environments. Additional features include:

  • Immediate scoring upon completion of a test
  • Smart replay that lets you review the test, item by item, to compare your answer to the correct answer
  • Detailed reports to help you track performance over time
  • Skill statements that each item measures to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • iSEEK™ search and retrieve functionality to find relevant resources for each test question

This program is perfect for job candidates and current professionals who want to improve their math skills and enhance their value as an employee.
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