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Measured Success: Work Skills Fundamentals (Math/Reading/Writing)
Measured Success: Work Skills Fundamentals (Math/Reading/Writing) Measured Success: Work Skills Fundamentals (Math/Reading/Writing)
Work Skills Fundamentals is a combination of the math series, the reading series and the writing series. Highly recommended for all college seniors, new job applicants and current employees who want to improve their basic skills.

Math contains assessments in:
  • Computation and Estimation
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Problem Solving and Mathematical Reasoning
  • Understanding Data and Statistics
Reading contains assessments in:
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Critical Reading
  • Vocabulary
Writing contains:
  • General writing multiple-choice test
  • Four essay tests
  • iWrite space
Each test is aligned to specific skill statements to help you learn the fundamental skills needed for professional success. Additional features include:
  • Immediate scoring upon completion of a test
  • Smart replay that lets you review the test, item by item, to compare your answer to the correct answer
  • Skill statements that each item measures to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • iSEEK™ search and retrieve functionality to find relevant resources for each test question
  • For the writing section, grammar and spell check with optional feedback in various languages
  • iWrite space for drafting business memos, emails, reports, cover letters and other types of business writing
Whether you’re applying for your first job or rejoining the workforce, Measured Success Work Skills has what you need to evaluate and improve the basic skills needed to communicate and perform on the job.
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