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MY Access! Home Edition
MY Access! Home Edition MY Access! Home Edition fits neatly into any language arts curriculum, whether you are homeschooling your own children, tutoring students after school, or just trying to help a child improve his or her academic confidence.

Time-saving technologies, valuable self-guided instruction, and motivating feedback make MY Access!´┐Ż an integral part of your teaching effort. Watch your child improve his or her critical thinking skills and confidence in all subject areas as his or her writing skills grow.

Why is it so important to teach writing?

While writing is a unique skill unto itself, it is also closely linked to all areas of learning. Often referred to as ´┐Żwriting across the curriculum´┐Ż, as you combine writing instruction with other areas of study, you´┐Żll better understand how well students grasp information and where they need more instruction.

First, students learn to write´┐Ż

When learning to write, students begin by focusing on the process of writing itself: planning, organizing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. They learn how to generate ideas, link them together in meaningful ways, and express them creatively, all while obeying the ´┐Żrules´┐Ż or conventions of writing.

´┐Żthen, they write to learn.

As students grow, understanding the writing process quickly becomes a means to reaching higher educational goals. Students continue to study social studies, science, and math. Effective writing at this level enables them to organize, clarify, and communicate their thoughts about these subjects. Successful writing skills open the door to many learning opportunities.

How does MY Access!´┐Ż help?

MY Access!´┐Ż is a Web-based application that helps both students and parents through the dual process of learning to write and writing to learn.

Using the many tools in MY Access!´┐Ż, students will enhance their writing skills and become more confident thinkers.
Parents will find that MY Access!´┐Ż is easily integrated into any curriculum and enables them to support and track their students along the way.

MY Access!´┐Ż guides students through the process of writing to ensure that they become confident evaluators of writing and improve every time. With engaging and interactive writing activities, instant and accurate feedback, and individualized learning plans, students remain motivated as they develop skills that will impact every facet of their education.

Each 12-month subscription to MY Access!´┐Ż Home Edition includes one parent and your choice of three or six student accounts.

  • MY Access!´┐Ż is completely Web-based, so there´┐Żs no software to load and it´┐Żs accessible anywhere you have a computer and an Internet connection´┐Żat home, at school, or at the library.
  • Ninety pre-loaded writing topics for three different distinct age groups (8-10, 11-14, and 15-18) encourage students to begin writing immediately.
  • Parents can easily enter their own writing topics to make writing across the curriculum a reality.
  • Self-paced and interactive lessons guide students through the writing process: planning, organizing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.
  • Graphic organizers and other printable resources help students plan successful essays.
  • Essay scoring and individualized feedback is available immediately through a powerful, award-winning artificial intelligence scoring engine.
  • Detailed, prescriptive revision plans focus students´┐Ż revision activities on the key traits of writing: focus, content development, organization, language use, and grammar.
  • Individual progress reports are easy for parents to access and share with others.
  • A writing portfolio enables students to monitor their own progress and easily share their writing with family, friends, or teachers.
  • Dozens of annotated samples of actual student writing help students see the potential in their own writing.
  • A word processor with editing and writing tools including a thesaurus, grammar-checker, spell-checker, and word bank helps students vary and develop their vocabulary.
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